Evolution Valves is a Manufacturer, with offices in Stockton on Tees, UK, and Houston Texas, USA providing flow control and isolation valves to a wide range of industries across the globe. Evolution Valves has at its core, a heritage within special valve design, going back over 30 years. The company was founded on the principal of delivering bespoke solutions to those problems, our customers could not solve affordably, using any other valve manufacturer.


    With over 200 years of collective manufacturing experience within our senior management team, Evolution Valves is the pinnacle of bespoke valve engineering. We provide a service unparalleled in the market place to deliver the correct solution to each and every process application conceivable. We undertake this task adhering to not only the industry specific quality guidelines, but also to the mandates of differing global regulatory bodies. Throughout all tasks we ensure quality standards lie paramount alongside safety.

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    Evolution Valves' product line is so versatile it crosses the boundaries of all industries with a few exceptions. Not only can we provide bespoke solutions to any hard to resolve applications, we can also provide the highest quality, standard valve solution to cover a much broader requirement across all industries. Evolution Valves is accredited to ISO 9001 (BSI), Institute of Measurement and Control (Companion Company), British Cryogenic Council (Full Member) as well as industry trade associations such as Northern Offshore Federation and FPAL.



    Every member of the Evolution team starts every morning focussing not only on their personal safety nor the personal safety of those around them  but also the full safety aspect of each and every product that we deliver. Whilst our management of our processes and those of our supply chain are designed to deliver the most cost effective solution to our customer we ensure no short cut is taken with regard to the safety integrity of the products we make for industry. Throughout our history we are proud to have never contributed to a safety incident resulting in serious accident or fatality to any member of staff working within our facilities or to any operative at an end user site working alongside an Evolution Valve. When you engage Evolution Valves as a partner you eliminate risk.

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    Every product manufactured by Evolution Valves is designed to provide the optimum performance with the longest possible mean time before failure compared with standard valves from mainstream manufacturers. We achieve this reliability by customising all special valves to the process conditions and the system requirements relying heavily on field experience from our process engineers in our design team. We can also provide extended warranties not only on special valves but on routine production valves that we manufacture based on our investment into rigorous design process and comprehensive testing of all products right through to destruction. The end result is unparalleled reliability.