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Flexible Wedge

Size Range:

2" - 52" (50mm - 1300mm) (larger sizes available on request)

Body Style: Flanged
Pressure Ratings: ASME Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500
Shut-Off Rating: Dependant on service/application
Body Materials:

Cast Steel/Stainless Steel/Cast Iron/Stainless Steel/Aluminium Bronze, Duplex

Disc Materials: Steel with 13CR. Faced/Stainless Steel/Aluminium Bronze, Duplex
Stem Materials: Stainless Steel
Seat Materials: Aluminium Bronze, Stainless Steel, Duplex
Applications: Process Industry, Petro-Chemical, Offshore (Air, Gas, Oil, Steam, Water)


*Flexible and Fixed

Item Name Material


Body Cast Steel / Stainless Steel / Cast Iron
2 Body Seat Ring Steel with 13CR. Faced/Stainless Steel
3 Bonnet Cast Steel / Stainless Steel
4 Bush Ring Stainless Steel / Monel / Inconel
5 Disc Steel with 13CR. Faced/Stainless Steel
6 Yoke Cast Steel / Stainless Steel
7 Stem Stainless Steel
8 Gland Ring  Stainless Steel
9 Packing Gland Cast Steel / Stainless Steel 
10 Packing Non-Asbestos
11 Gasket Non-Asbestos
12 Hand Wheel Cast Iron / Cast Steel 
13 Gear Box ASS'Y


*Please note that the above Bill of Materials is not exhaustive. Please contact us for further details.