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This industry is a key component to the current rapid growth of Evolution Valves. Unique products such as fire safe rubber lined valves have been designed tested and Lloyds approved for use on offshore production platforms. We have been recognised as the "go to" company when critical applications occur onsite that are not being adequately addressed my mainstream valve manufacturers. Obsolete equipment designed to redundant specifications is often required for replacement in aging Oil and Gas production facilities. Evolution Valves are usually the only manufacturer available to satisfy this demand affordably as we are able to manufacture to the pre existing standards, dimensional envelopes, or exotic materials to replicate the incumbent valve.


Many applications demanding high specification are now being sourced by most operators from Evolution Valves. These applications, concerned with criticality to health, safety or production, now feature the cornerstone of our offering to this market. Specialities involving applications such as fiscal metering requiring high quality control valves either swing clear or high performance and becoming a growing concern for most operators.



  • Compressor Recycling
  • Water and Gas injection
  • Anti Cavitation Duty
  • Sea Water Dump
  • Flashing Service
  • Noise Attenuation
  • Fiscal Metering Flow Balancing
  • Wellhead Control
  • Extended Rangeability
  • Velocity Control
  • Zero Leakage Isolation