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As a leading supplier to the power industry Evolution Valves has tailored its products to the more critical aspects around the power plant. To achieve this we have focussed a lot of attention around higher grade materials such as stainless steel, F22, inconel etc. to accomadate the temperature and pressure regimes. As a consequence many of our products destined to operate around the boiler, feed water and turbine systems etc. are designed up to 4500# class.

Alternatively we are very active in the manufacturer of the valves controlling the cooling water intake which are often double offset high performance, or resilient lined valves in standard materials of 150/300# class but are sourced from only a few reliable manufacturers. Evolution Valves is one such reliable manufacturer and we are capable of producing these valves up to 4000mm

Evolution Valves also provides a comprehensive range of products to tackle the most arduous conditions within a nuclear powerplant outside of the nuclear island. As in conventional powerplants our full complement of zero leakage isolation and control valves up to 4500# class in various materials are available. Valve sizes from 10mm up to 4000mm for cooling water intake valves are regularly manufactured by Evolution Valves.

Evolution Valves are fully compliant with all relevant regulation pertaining to this industry for the products we supply.


  • HP Feedwater System
  • Boiler System
  • Turbine Steam & Extraction System
  • LP Feedwater System
  • Flue-gas Desulfurization
  • Auxiliary Steam System